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Fade The Itch – A Breakthrough in Tattoo Aftercare

The Cambridge Clinic has developed Fade The Itch. The first tattoo aftercare serum that uses dry heal technology. Created using only the finest ingredients and using the latest in advanced formulation technology to help heal your tattoos.

The cutting edge serum was developed by leading Formulation Chemists along with Dermatologists, Microbiologists, GP’s and Tattoo artists. Produced without oils or fragrance Fade the Itch is paraben and lanolin free and can be used on any skin type.

Dry Heal Technology – Say Goodbye to Shrink Wrapping

Many artists apply the serum prior to clingfilming, the serum will INSTANTLY COOL the skin and provide a mild anaesthetic effect. Studios report their clients are so impressed with the cooling effect that 9 out of 10 ask to buy the product.

To heal properly skin needs to breathe and with Fade the Itch, thanks to our dry heal system, cling film is only required for the first three to four hours post inking. This means healing times are significantly reduced, customers report an average of four days for healing. Also, as the artwork is dry, they can carry on their lives as usual with no mess or stained clothing. A huge plus.

Fade The Itch uses dermatologically tested active ingredients to deliver antibacterial protection, relieve irritation, intensely moisturise, hydrate and cool the skin. The highly effective serum locks in the ink and covers the artwork with a dry antibacterial shield, protecting from infection

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Why Leading Tattoo Artists Recommend Fade The Itch

The Cambridge Clinic believes that Fade the Itch is a breakthrough in tattoo aftercare.  Our customers agree and that is why we are recommended by leading tattoo artists, here’s what they are saying:

“New Wave Studio have chosen Fade The Itch as our aftercare of choice”
Lal Hardy – New Wave Studio

"We at Triplesix are proud to stock and recommend Fade-the-Itch to all of our customers. We have had 100% positive feedback from customers and staff, it is by far the best aftercare available, stock it" (They also stock our Laser and SPMU aftercare serums).

Triplesix -- Sunderland

WHITETHORN MEDICLINIC is the worlds leading clinic in medical tattooing and is owned by Caron Vetter. The studio trains Tattoo artists and advises NHS in this sector. The studio stocks both our serums and recommend our products to others. "I can now supply my clients with your serums so the high standard we offer is carried on at home" CARRON VETTER    (The clinic also recommend our Laser and SPMU aftercare serums)


"This product is INSANE, its rapid healing element is chilling, relaxing and soothing. I have tried every aftercare on the market. Yours is the next generation"

HRM KING OF INK ( BODYART ) UKs most Tattooeed man

"My training as a Vet gave me training in wound healing. With your serum I have found even large pieces heal very quickly, without the usual irritation. It is also a excellent moisturiser. I recommend it to all my clients, thank you for such a wonderful aftercare"

Dr Steph Reed ( Carpe somnium Ipswich ) Ex Vet now a leading tattoo artist

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