LAL  HARDY who put tattooing on the map in the 80s and  runs the world famous "New wave studio" in Muswell hill

I give your aftercare to every client, they all love it. I have tried every  aftercare over the past 30 years . Yours is the best by a long long way.

BEPANTHEN   V  FADE-THE-ITCH ( Scientific trial by Gordon Patterson. Adept art collective Edinburgh )

I have always used and recommended Bepanthen. Of late I have been hearing some favourable reports on your serum Fade-the-itch. I decided to do a experiment as I was having a large tattoo, full back,neck and butt cheeks. I purchased a single bottle from your website. When I had the tattoo done I applied each equal half with BEPANTHEN and FADE-THE-ITCH. The results. The side that I applied FADE-THE-ITCH healed in half the time than the BEPANTHEN side , without any irritation. Also I didn't feel horrendous going about my usual activities and no sticking of clothes. You really have moved aftercare to a new level. I will be placing a order for your serums and will be recommending it to my clients at my studio. Thanks Gordon Patterson





Leah Moule  . My usual aftercare was to wash,dry and apply Bepanthen plus wrap for 4-5 days, then use a moisturiser. Then my partner tried "Fade-the-Itch" right from the start his healing was good, the best we've ever seen. I then decided to try it myself and got the same results. My new regime is now apply the serum after the tattoo, clingfilm for 3-4 hours then clean off and reapply the serum. There is no need to clingfilm again, there is no irritation or a goo sticking to clothing. Also it heals in half the time than any other aftercare i've tried.  It isn't often in any industry a breakthrough happens , this product has done that moving aftercare to a new level. All studios should stock it. I wouldn't use or recommend anything else apart from "FADE THE ITCH"

Fade the Heat is a fantastic serum which cools and soothes the skin instantly. Laser removal can make the skin hot and tender but as soon as the serum is applied to the skin our clients smile because it is so nice. All our clients buy this product for their aftercare regime. We dont use any other product except for the amazing FADE THE HEAT Wrexham ink


HRH King of Inkland (Body art) UKs most tattooed man. This product is INSANE Its rapid healing element is chilling, relaxing and soothing. I have never ever used a aftercare this good. Its the NEXT GENERATION of aftercare.

Dr Steph Reed  A remarkable lady who qualified as a Vet then decided to train as a tattoo artist. Her work is becoming well known and is a respected artist.

My training as a Vet gave me experience in wound healing. With the serum I have found even large pieces heal very quickly, without the usual irritation. It is also a excellent moisturiser. I recommend it to all my clients, thank you for such a wonderfull aftercare.









































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